After receiving a “psychophysical healing session with Karen I felt extremely at peace and relaxed. The reason I came to Karen was because I had been suffering flu and cold symptoms  for over 8 weeks.  So after Karen’s recommendation I came for a treatment and not even 1 week later my symptoms have virtually gone.
I am also under a lot of pressure and stress and found that after receiving the treatment I had an inner calmness that I have not felt for a very long time which has stayed with me. I would definitely recommend this treatment onto family and friends. Julie Carroll

Karen, I really enjoyed our session of  Psychophysical Healing it was fantastic, I loved the way you manipulated the energy  to clear and remove my blockages. I didn’t know what to expect but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The flow of the energy was  really relaxing and I could feel the blockages release, it was amazing I didn’t want it to end. Towards the end I could feel the energy swirl around my body and lift towards the sky after that I felt free, free of blockages that had weighed me down, my body was excited as the energy flowed around me both inside and out.  I can’t wait for the next session!!! Yvette Parker

"After Experiencing a Psychophysical healing, I felt very warm gentle and at peace. It really moved me and made me feel so happy. Your technique and desire to heal the body is just beautiful" Thankyou, Danielle xx

Karen thankyou also for the wonderful session we had on Hypnosis, I have never had hypnosis before and the whole time
I felt relaxed, secure and it was very easy to follow your guideance which I found to be enjoyable as I travelled thru the session.
We worked on my self esteem and cutting ties and after the session
I felt like a load had been lifted off my shoulders and a new beginning was waiting for me and I felt positive and excited at the same time. Hypnosis has helped me in a way I never thought about before so I was glad to take the step and have hypnosis and move foward in life and clear away all the negativatity I didnt need. 
I look forward to more sessions with you karen. Yvette Parker

I highly recommend Karen! My sessions with Karen were so fantastic, she is so professional and great at what she does. I have never experienced anything like it before and it was so moving and relaxing having the hypnotherapy sessions and Karen guided me perfectly through each session helping to release any blockages.
I felt relaxed and calm the whole time and I would recommend Karen to anyone wanting to explore hypnotherapy.