What is Psychophysical Healing?

Psychophysical Healing works on the bio-energetic field of the body. It safely releases blockages in the energy field which have been produced by mental, emotional or physical traumas.  It can produce a feeling of lightness and well-being which follows from the freedom of the bio-energy flowing through the whole system.

Can everybody be healed?

Healing is a normal process which takes place when the barriers to health are removed. The role of Karen, the Psychophysical Therapist is to ensure that the bio-energy flows freely so that the person can allow themselves to be well.

Treatment can be divided into four types:

  1. Removing the blocks due to accidents or surgical shock, restoring the vitality & promoting healing of the body.
  1. Building up and opening channels which have been blocked since birth or early childhood so that these channels can contain a full charge of bio-energy.
  1. The release of emotional blockages caused by past traumatic events without the need to relive them.
  1. Maintenance of good health by cleaning and balancing the bio-energy of the person so that maximum wellbeing is encouraged.

Why is it necessary to disrobe?

Any metal (rings, ear-rings, etc) interfere significantly with the bio-energy field. Similarly the nylon and other synthetics in fabrics, even those which claim to be all cotton or wool, distort and unbalance the bio-energy field of varying degrees. This can give a false indication of the way the bio-energy is flowing. For modesty you will not be expected to remove your underpants.

lady being touched on two chakras

Is it safe?

Beautifully safe – no drugs, no surgery, no pain, just a smooth rebalancing of the body’s natural energies. Karen will also suggest other treatments (including orthodox medicine) if it is warranted.

How much does it cost?

Karen charges $120 a session, the recommended fee set by the Psychophysical Therapists Guild of Australia. A session can last up to an hour (and occasionally longer), the fee is not subject to time taken. The number of visits required can vary from one to ten or more. 

What qualifications does Karen Seldon have to work as a Psychophysical Therapist?

Karen has studied energy pattern and control of energy especially as a healing tool, at the Academy of Human Sciences with Dr James McGarry – Academy Dean.