Rachel Lazarov (Disabled/Councellor - 61 y.o)
Gina McClement (Triathlete - 35 y.o)
Kristin Haigh (Physiotherapist)

Miranda Kerr (Model)

Jamie has been my preferred Massage Therapist in Sydney for several years now. Whenever I return home I ensure that Jamie is never too far away. I have travelled the world several times over and have had many Massage Therapists treat my ailments, very few are as talented and as professional as Jamie or have the gift Jamie has of knowing what is needed. I find that Jamie treats the cause to remove the symptom which allows me long lasting results. Jamies vast experience and knowledge coupled with his dedication to his own fitness is what I find sets him apart from other massage therapists. I am already looking forward to my next massage, love Miranda Kerr xxx.

Member of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society Member No: 17355 www.atms.com.au
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