Rachel Lazarov (Disabled/Councellor - 61 y.o)
Gina McClement (Triathlete - 35 y.o)

Kristin Haigh (Physiotherapist)

As a practising physiotherapist and avid sports person, I have been a massage client of Jamies for 5 years for treatment and management of a lumbar disc protrusion/shoulder and achilles tendonitis. Jamie's knowledge of anatomy is excellent and his  experience and   education in the feild of  the musculoskeletal system makes his massage extemely effective.
His massage I would describe as 'deep tissue' and certainly not for the faint hearted! It is rehabilitative in nature and therefore as an adjunct to physiotherapy I refer him many of my patients. Certainly leading up to a sporting event or even more importantly , afterwards! I book a massage with Jamie. He is always extremely positive and an inspiration to keep out on the track!!


Miranda Kerr (Model)

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